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About the author

I am a law bachelor and master in environmental management, amateur writer, sporadic traveler, casual gamer, and dessert appreciator. My personal mission is always trying to learn something I have never done before. At the same time, I strive for professional paths that are meaningful for me but also create a positive impact on my community. To combine these goals, most of the time I am studying and researching for project planning and making.


Therefore, I apologize in advance if my articles are too shallow or too limited for the field. I am not a specialist in literature, this is just a hobby that I enjoy, but I, unfortunately, don’t have time to deeply study all stories and all discussion topics. My objective is to take notes and share some thoughts to perhaps start a flame of interest in the reader. I am not an English native speaker either. However, despite these limitations, I do appreciate suggestions, critics, and comments. Please, feel free to contact me.

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