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About the website


So… What am I talking about?


Booki kicked off as a project where hobby meets jobby. I wanted to do something light on my daily life, but also regular and scheduled, that could match my personal passion for literature and my professional passion for nature, environmental conservation, and sustainable development.

When we listen to a fairytale as children, write a creative essay as a student, or discover a story that becomes a watershed in our lives, it doesn’t matter if we can read, like to read, or have a reading habit: tales somehow will make way and trigger our imagination, while planting seeds of learning. Some seeds grow into self-awareness. Some turn into world voyage. Some transform into thorny thoughts. Some become healing. 


I do believe in the power of words. Although many feelings, visions, and experiences cannot be completely grasped by literature, words do help us understand inside and around. When we get to know a story, we might either find the joy of representativeness, as we find a character or an experience that reminds of ourselves, or we might find the pleasure of novelty, as we discover a situation or context beyond our known reality. It is important to learn about ourselves, as much as it is essential to learn about others and have empathy.


Empathy is also a keyword for nature, environmental conservation and sustainable development. The most applied concept of sustainable development defines that we have to pursue a development that allows the present generation to meet their needs without hindering the future generation to meet theirs. Sustainable development requires social systems that create a legacy of more access to equality and justice; to culture and education; to public health, water, and food; and, of course, to natural resources and a sound environment. In a simple world, we need to grow empathy, not only among members of our generation but also towards the next ones.


In sum, the intention of this website is to bridge stories with ideas of nature, environmental conservation, and sustainable development, and, if possible, contribute to growing opening, comprehension, and empathy for other realities beyond our own. I hope this will be a place for both relaxation and reflection.


The site is also open for collaboration, so it will be my pleasure to receive the work of some fellow lovers-of-literature-and-environment.


With that said, welcome and be my guest!

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